Baby furniture: Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Babies are a booming business. Paraphernalia for these little drooling machines is mind-boggling and knowing what to purchase in terms of baby furniture is no less daunting. Cribs, changing tables and rockers – oh my! What is absolutely needed?

Cribs are often the first piece of baby furniture expectant parents buy. For safety, it is recommended to buy a new crib rather than a used one. That way, you are guaranteed of purchasing one that follows all safety standards. Otherwise, you will need to spend time researching the used crib to ensure that no product recalls exist that could potentially harm your baby.

Convertible cribs are an option as well. These have the functionality of normal cribs, but will then convert into a toddler bed using the same crib mattress. Once they are old enough for a twin size bed, the crib can convert again into a twin bed frame. You would just have to purchase a twin size mattress. These convertible cribs are obviously more expensive, but they adapt to your growing child and save you some hassles later.

One piece of baby furniture is much debated – the changing table. Do you really need one? The answer is no. Many cribs have side rails that lower for the purpose of changing diapers. In addition, many baby dressers these days will have a changing table built-in on the top, along with special drawers to store diapers, wipes and other supplies. Purchasing a changing table is really just a matter of preference.

Perhaps the most important piece of baby furniture is the rocking chair or glider. Parents will spend many sleepless nights with their child, trying to soothe them. Rocking your child will calm them (and you) and hopefully help get them back to sleep. Gliders are gaining popularity in the baby furniture department. They glide front to back rather than have the rocking motion.

A rocking chair or glider made from solid wood is the best choice for sturdiness. You want it to last a long time. Here’s a tip to decide whether a rocking chair or glider is right for you: Wait until after your baby is born. Take your baby with you into the store and sit in both the rocking chair and glider. You want the arm height to be comfortable when you are holding and nursing your baby.

There are so many decisions to make when shopping for baby furniture. Remember that safety is first and keep in mind how much space you have to work with in the baby’s room. If you are budget conscious, pick the pieces you feel that are absolutely necessary, then purchase more as funds allow. But most of all enjoy these preparations because soon enough, your baby will be here!