Country furniture

The country furniture look is very big today. It involves not only the furniture, but accessories also. To achieve the country look, you must start with country furniture. This is anything that is usually simple in design and very comfortable. The country furniture should have wood with earth tones such as pine, oak and wicker. This includes sofas, chairs, entertainment centers and tables. Fabrics that are used in country living rooms often have a flowery or checked theme to them. Country living rooms make good use of lace. This includes doilies and lace tablecloths. Many people prefer hardwood floors with vintage rugs over carpeting. This gives a home a much homier feel.

Antiques are a large part of country furniture too. You can mix and match your new pieces with things you have inherited from other family members. This can include stand alone radios sets, buffets, dressers and desks. You may need to refinish some older antique items before you put them into your living room, but the work will definitely be worth it.

Country furniture is not the only thing that makes a house country. Many accessories can also help you achieve a country look. Quilts are often used in the bedroom, but also as wall hangings in dens and living rooms. Quilts can be purchased online or at retail stores, but these are machine made. If you want a real country feel to your home, commission an Amish woman to make a handmade quilt or visit an Amish furniture store to see what they have. An Amish furniture store is also a good place to find country furniture for your home, since their style is very basic and traditional. Other nice additions to give your home a country feel are dried flowers in baskets. You can also display antique dishes in a china cabinet in dining rooms.