Furniture stores

The RoomStore, Thomasville, Ikea, Crate and Barrel… There are so many furniture stores to choose from how do you know which one carries your preferred tastes? Well, let’s discover some of the differences between three well-known furniture stores.


Although a Dutch-born company, most Americans are very familiar with Ikea. Known for its unique, modern looks, Ikea is a dream-come-true for college kids looking to decorate their apartments with fresh, low-priced furniture. The furniture is self-assemble, perhaps as a way to keep its prices down. And, if you get hungry during your furniture endeavor, you can grab a bite to eat in their little café, which serves Swedish-style food. What other furniture store promises you that?

The RoomStore

The RoomStore is another example of a lower-price furniture store. From formal dining-room tables to casual bedroom dressers, the RoomStore can furnish your entire house. Just don’t expect the furniture to last forever. The quality is not best and many of the pieces are not made from solid wood. Instead, they have a wood finish. However, if you love your home, and don’t want to end up breaking the bank account, try the RoomStore.

Ethan Allen

Simply put, Ethan Allen has beautiful furniture. Classy and elegant, this is the furniture store to go if you are willing to pay top dollar for top product. The element that puts Ethan Allen above the competition is that their sales consultants will personally assist you in the design of your home. They will even come to your home for a free consultation. Whether you are shopping for a lamp or an entire bedroom furniture set, the Ethan Allen interior decorators will be happy to help.

When it comes to buying furniture, you pay for what you get. That is why it is important to know what kind of furniture store you are visiting. If it happens to be one of the lower-priced furniture stores, make sure that the furniture you buy comes with a warrantee. That way if the furniture starts to warp or discolor, you can at least get it replaced.

Sometimes it is worth spending the extra buck. Your house and guests will appreciate it!