Five kid's furniture "must haves"

With parenting comes a large number of decisions about how to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your children. Many parents go over the top and buy everything they can think of. But keeping needs in mind is most important for those on a budget. Make sure you plan ahead for the kidís furniture purchases you will have to make as a new parent.


In the beginning, kids furniture needs to be practical. A crib is non-negotiable for the first few years of life. Make sure your crib is sturdy and can last if you are planning on having more than one child. Also ensure it has the necessary safety features that will keep your child safe.

High chair

Without question, another required piece of kidís furniture all parents need in the beginning years is a high chair. High chairs must again be durable and safe. There are wood varieties as well as plastic but make sure that it is made of a material that can be cleaned easily.

Changing table

The crib and high chair wonít be too much help if you do not have a place to change your childís diapers. Just as you were concerned about quality and safety with the crib and high chair, when purchasing the changing table, make sure these are your top priorities.

Special chair

All children need to have their own special chair. Whether it is a rocking chair, simple stool, or a cushy variety, kids need to have a place of their own. With all of the different designs out there, purchasing a special chair as a part of your kids furniture budget is a great way to spice up the decorations their room.

Big kid bed

As children grow, their furniture needs to grow with them. So when your child grows out of his or her crib, it is important to invest in a ďbig kid bedĒ. It is basically a rite of passage these days, so make sure you leave some room in your budget for this purchase. Bunk beds designed especially for kids are a great way to add some fun to what otherwise may be a boring furniture purchase. They are great when your kidís furniture needs are for two or more children about the same age, or for looking to the future of sleepovers.

Quality and safety are the two main points parents need to research before investing in kidís furniture. Planning ahead by keeping track of your budget and doing research on the products you are interested in will help you considerably when it comes time to make these important purchases for your children.