Pieces of you in your living room furniture

Want to get a true glimpse into someone’s life? Sit in their living room! It is often the most used room in the home and reflects the owner’s personality and style. What is your style? Are you into rustic living room furniture with a cozy, lived in look? Maybe the tried and true pieces of the traditional style is more your thing? Or are you contemporary, enjoying a more modern edge?

Your style will be your guide when you decide to purchase living room furniture. Some other ideas to ponder before you lighten your pocketbook a bit is the layout of your room. Draw a diagram, preferably on graph paper so you can make it to scale. Take note of where all the electrical, cable and phone outlets are as well as your windows, doors and other architectural structures. Record your measurements.

In addition, keep in mind any of your mementos, pictures and hobbies you might want prominently displayed in your living room. Would you want a curio cabinet or unique table to highlight your special things? And what about your kids? They can be rough and tough on furniture. Your living room furniture should be sturdy with stain resistant materials.

Accent pieces should also be considered. Coffee and side tables, recliners, ottomans, bookcases, display shelves, entertainment units, loveseats and chairs are just some of the things that are commonly found in living rooms.

But wait! Choosing your living room furniture is just half the battle! Once you get the pieces home, how are you going to arrange them? Two words: focal point. The fireplace is often chosen as the main focal point. Or, you could also choose a wall where the entertainment center will be. Whatever you decide, the living room furniture arrangement should accentuate the focal point.

Pay close attention when arranging your seating areas (i.e. sofa, loveseat and/or chairs). You want these pieces to be close enough to encourage conversation. Also consider traffic patterns in your home. When walking through your living area, where do you walk to get from one room to the other? You want to be sure that you are not stumbling around your new living room furniture in the process.

Drawing that diagram of your room to scale will also help with arrangements. Just experiment on paper various furniture placements until you think you have a winner. This will save a lot of physical labor on your part. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your new living room furniture without injuring yourself first!