Nursery furniture

Almost as soon as a women finds out she is expecting a baby, she starts thinking of nursery furniture. Babies need many items and it is best to not wait until the baby is born to get the nursery furniture necessities. Once the baby arrives, you will be too busy to think about the nursery furniture.

The primary piece of nursery furniture is the crib. Even if you plan on having the baby sleep with you initially, eventually they will need a crib. There are several styles available. Many people like the traditional cradles that are on a frame that allows them to rock the baby to sleep. These can be made of wood, hard plastic or wicker. The main problem with these cradles is that they don’t last very long. Usually the baby outgrows them before the end of the first year. There are regular cribs that have the railings and are adjustable at the bottom. These are more practical in that they can be used longer. Some of these cribs even convert into a toddler bed when it is needed. Some have dressers/changing tables that attach to the end or can be removed as a separate piece. Know that if you purchase a used cradle or crib, it may not have the same safety features as new items. So, if you can afford it, make the crib the new piece of nursery furniture.

Another item many people like to have in the nursery is a changing table. This can be used to change the baby’s diaper or clothing, but also to store items like diapers, lotions, baby wipes, etc. You will also need a dresser for the nursery to store baby clothes. Many moms like to have rockers in the nursery. This is especially useful if the baby is new and wakes up frequently during the night.