Oak furniture

Oak furniture is one of the best furniture investments you can make. Because of the wood’s durability, there are pieces of oak furniture that still exist from the 17th century. In fact, the early 16th to the middle 17th century is referred to as the Age of Oak. During this time, there were two main styles, Tudor and Jacobean. The Tudor and the Jacobean styles were created during the reign of Henry VIII. The Tudor style of oak furniture is usually easily identifiable by its ornate painting. America had a period of furniture referred to as the Renaissance Oak age in the early 20th century. Oak is often known as the sovereign wood because there are over 500 species of oak worldwide. Of that, there are sixty species common to America in over 40 states.

There are two types of oak used for making oak furniture: red and white. Sometimes the red is referred to as black oak because of the color. Black oak is the major hardwood harvested from California. White oak color will change over time, taking on a slight amber color.

You can find almost anything you want in the way of oak furniture. Many people like to use oak as the primary wood in their living rooms. You can find entertainment centers, coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves all made of oak. You can also find sofas and chairs with oak accents. Oak furniture makes a lovely choice for a dining set. You can also find accent pieces such as baker’s racks and china cabinets made of oak. For the bedroom, you can find entire sets of oak furniture. Purchasing oak furniture for your office is a good investment because it is sure to last. The Amish, known for their fine craftsmanship of furniture, often use oak to make furniture because of its sturdiness and durability.