Office furniture

Today we spend more time than ever in our offices, and many of our offices are now in our home. This has had a dramatic effect on the style and comfort of office furniture. No more are the days when office furniture meant a straight back chair and a cramped desk. The office furniture of the new century has to be comfortable enough for us to spend 12-14 hours in and yet have enough style to fit in with the rest of our house. This is a lot to ask, but the furniture industry has stepped up to meet that request with great furniture that is comfortable, useful, stylish, and can still fit easily into a small home office.

Most offices now have a chair, a computer desk, filing cabinets, bookshelves and a small sitting area. These pieces of office furniture are vital to the present day office, but in order to be effective they have to be cozy and stylish.

Most recent office chairs are heavily padded, have arm rests, and may even recline. These chairs exemplify the modern day office and its need to multi function as a living area. There are even small loveseats that can be easily folded away when not in use so that the office can go from sitting area back to office in about 10 seconds.

The computer desk has grown from a cramped desk in the corner of the room to the highlight of the office, as the information age is upon us. Most computer desk now are large, to provide room for all of the recent technology; such as fax machines, scanners, etc. The desks are made of solid high quality wood and look as though they were simply a large table rather than office furniture. This is because so many offices are now part of the home.

Filing cabinets are often made of wood now rather than the old medal editions. These new improved filing cabinets look like a small dresser until opened to reveal the files inside.

Even bookshelves have been affected by this change in the office furniture. They are now designed more like large armoires than bookshelves. They’re made of high quality wood and are made so that the doors can be easily closed to hide the disheveled mess.

This sort of office furniture could easily be used as normal home furnishing and that is exactly what the furniture industry set out to do. They wanted to create office furniture that would make the office more comfortable and feel more like home and they succeeded. These types of furnishings are being sold out at furniture stores everywhere.