Outdoor furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, try to keep this one question in mind: will this furniture hold up during severe weather conditions? Outdoor furniture must be specifically designed for weather resistance. In other words, this furniture has to be extremely durable.

There are only certain wood and fibers that you should consider for outdoor furniture use because of their resistance to heat, low maintenance values, and natural beauty. Here are some examples:


The first material that comes to mind is teak. Teak is simply the best wood utilized for outdoor furniture. Teak is grown in tropical rain forests, so it is naturally soaked with oil. This is important because wood that has a lot of natural oil is very tough and flexible. If you choose this strong wood for your patio set, you will never have to worry about the rain ruining its condition or color. It will maintain its natural beauty forever. Teak is expensive, but it is definitely worth it.


Using cedar for outdoor furniture has many advantages. Unlike plastic and other man-made materials, cedar will not warp under intense heat. And unlike many other natural woods, cedar resists the tendency to crack years from now. Relatively low-maintenance, cedar contains oils that help the wood resist decay. But perhaps the most persuasive reason to purchase cedar furniture is because of its odor. While enjoyable to us, the scent of cedar is a natural insect repellant. And anything that helps keep mosquitoes and moths away, is a wonderful thing! Cedar is clearly a great choice. No matter how hot it gets outside, a chair made from cedar will stay cool.


Stylish and affordable, many people choose wicker as their outdoor furniture of choice. Wicker is any kind of woven plant fiber. However, the most popular forms of wicker are made from willow branches. If you opt for wicker, make sure that you choose high-quality wicker furniture. Make certain that the furniture is heavy, so the wind will not blow it away. Also, be certain that the wicker is specially treated to be weather-resistant. Wicker is very simple and very natural. This material has been popular for hundreds of years.

Remember, outdoor furniture should be comfortable and relaxing. You shouldn’t have to spend much time cleaning it or worrying that it will be ruined if it gets wet. If you choose one of these fibers for your outdoor furniture, you will not go wrong.