Outdoor wicker furniture

Outdoor wicker furniture is a fantastic way to jazz up your outdoor look in both comfort and style. Not only can you get the normal table and chairs, but you can also get couches, lounge chairs, shelving, end tables, and much more!

This look is a classic look that gives both comfort and style. You can choose different colors of wicker itself, from a light colored wicker to a darker cherry type look. Sticking with one color once you get started is really the best way to go. Even though you could mix and match, the look may not be as smooth if you did it that way. You can also choose different types of padding for your furniture. Outdoor wicker furniture is incredibly uncomfortable to sit on if you donít have the right amount of padding, so donít skimp when it comes to buying padding! If your furniture is in a spot that it might get wet, be sure to buy padding that can be easily washed or hung to dry, or even better, waterproof. If you have a spot where you can keep your wicker nice and dry at all times, you can concentrate more on comfort and color for the padding and less on whether or not itís actually waterproof.

You might also want a flat surface for the tops of your tables and end tables, as the wicker is rather difficult to balance a glass on. If you canít find something that can be placed on top of the furniture, you could probably just use coasters to place your glasses on, and just try to be careful when you are balancing a glass on the wicker. Especially if you have kids, expect an accident here and there! Also, beware of outdoor wicker furniture catching on your clothes or scratching you, as it can sometimes do, especially when it gets older.