Retro furniture

Retro furniture is a very popular look today and considered very chic by many. Retro furniture is usually considered anything made in the styles used between the 1920s and 1980s. Particularly popular is the art deco look. Art deco furniture can range from the unusual, using exotic woods and loud colors to the more tradition look of chrome and traditional woods. Designs are often very geometric and streamlined and tables usually include glass. If you want to decorate with retro furniture, think of furniture that was in your parent’s or even your grandparent’s house when you were growing up – that’s retro!

Retro furniture for the living room includes banana shaped sofas, vinyl lounge chairs, and oddly shaped glass coffee tables. Desk chairs are usually made of hard plastic with a molded look, rather than straight edged. Living room chairs with a retro look often use animal skin fabric, since that was big in the 1960s and early 1970s. Early Seventies retro furniture sometimes takes on an “other worldly” look, possibly because of the space exploration in the Sixties.

The kitchen is an excellent area to consider furnishing with retro furniture. Many stores sell retro looking appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. The look not only includes the actual design of the retro appliance, but also the colors. Popular colors include traditional white, but also black, robin’s egg blue, flamingo pink, mint green, buttercup yellow and candy red. Retro dining tables usually consist of a chrome table with chrome chairs that have brightly colored vinyl upholstery. Many times the seats are covered in red vinyl, reminiscent of diners from the 1950s. Kitchen accessories, such as napkin and straw holders, often have a Coke theme, which is considered very retro.

Great accessories for your retro furniture include bread boxes, trash cans, serving carts, retro pay phones, even the retro wall mounted jukeboxes.