Rustic furniture

Many people love the look and feel of rustic furniture. While it is often associated with western or ranch style homes, it can be a nice addition to any home. Rustic furniture, with its textured look, adds a certain style to your home. This look usually consists of something made from wood, logs or even twigs. Sometimes the wood is finished, but sometimes it is left unfinished to retain a more rustic look.

Because of the texture of rustic furniture, you should make minimal use of it in your home. Too much of it can be overbearing whereas a small sampling can add a charming touch. A rustic chair by a fireplace is a nice addition. Other furniture to give your living room a rustic look is a wooden coffee or end table. Coat trees are another good example of rustic furniture. You can have a rustic looking bed in your bedroom, but these are usually very large, so make sure you have enough space before purchasing one. If you donít have the room, think about adding a rustic chest to the end of your bed as an accent piece.

Rustic furniture is lovely to look at, but often not the most comfortable type of furniture to sit upon since it is wood. You can add colorful pillows and cushions to your chairs to help make them more comfortable for yourself and guests. Donít be afraid to use fabric with your rustic furniture either. A nice blanket thrown of the back of a chair or a table cloth on a wooden table can be a nice touch.

You donít have to limit your rustic furniture look to the inside of your home. If you have a patio, consider decorating it with a wooden table and chairs. Some of the loveliest rockers being made today have a rustic look and would be beautiful on your porch.