Sold wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is one of the best investments you can make. It may cost a little more than other furniture, but if you handle it with care, it can last a long time, even being handed down from generation to generation. There are different types of wood that is used to make solid wood furniture.

If you are looking to purchase outdoor furniture, the best kind to buy is that made of teak wood. Teak wood is exposed to many different elements when growing and is much more resistant to rain and sun than any other type of wood. It requires very little maintenance and will last for years.

As for indoor solid wood furniture, it depends on what you like. Sometimes you can mix and match different types of wood, but in some cases, once you decide on a wood type, you need to stick with it throughout the room. Maple is a good strong wood that is often used on furniture, but is also excellent wood to use for kitchen cabinets. Oak has a course grain but is a very strong wood to use for furniture. Ash wood is very light and has a tighter grain than Oak. Rosewood is used when making solid wood furniture too. It is a very dark brown color. If you are looking from something a lighter color, try Cherry. It is a very pretty wood with a red tone to it. Walnut wood is another favorite of furniture buyers. Mahogany is often used on very expensive, fine furniture. Ebony is a black wood that is very hard. Pine wood is almost yellow in color and very soft.

Once you have decided what type of solid wood furniture you want to purchase, you can shop either online or at local furniture stores. Be sure to shop around and compare to find the best values before you purchase.