Teak furniture

Teak furniture is excellent for outdoor items such as patio and garden furniture. Tectona grandis is the botanical name for teak wood. This timber grows mostly in tropical environments in Asia such as Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. Outdoor teak furniture is so desirable because the wood grows in hot, wet and dry seasons so the wood is very durable and resistant to the elements. It does not rust or become corrosive when it comes in contact with metal like some wood. A heavy oil content also protects the teak wood against other adversaries like insects, fungi and forest fires. Teak wood also holds up better against manufacturing processes that can cause decay, cracks or warping in the wood. The teak trees can reach up to 150 feet in height and the trunk can be as big around as three feet. If the environment is right (soil, seed quality, topography, rainfall), the tall, straight teak trees can grow very quickly. All this makes teak a very highly sought after wood to use for furniture.

Teak furniture will age when left outside, but requires almost no maintenance on the owner’s part. But, you can apply teak oil to it once or twice a year to help preserve the wood’s glow. Most outdoor teak furniture is not stained. You can stain your furniture, but you cannot return it to the original color without many sandings to remove the stain.

While quite a bit of teak furniture is for outdoor use, there is teak furniture created for inside the house. You can purchase rockers and chairs made of teak wood for your living room or family room. Teak wood is also used to make dining tables, coffee tables and end tables. Teak is a lovely wood to use in bedroom furniture. There are beautiful bedroom sets that include the bed, dresser and bedside tables.