Teak outdoor furniture

If you are looking to buy teak outdoor furniture, you are definitely in for a treat. Teak comes from a tree that grows in Indonesia, called the Tectona grandi. It also grows in some areas of Southeast Asia. Teak is a fantastic wood that can endure plenty of weather changes and many years of a good beating by being outside, and still hold together perfectly well. In fact, many benches on the streets in London are made of teak, which was previously used for ships and then recycled into benches. Some of that wood is in fact over a century old, and still holds up just fine!

After many years of use, teak furniture may take on a grayish color, but if you purchase teak oil and rub it onto your teak outdoor furniture, it will take out the gray and actually bring out the original color that the teak furniture had when you first purchased it. Another benefit to teak outdoor furniture is that you wonít get splinters from it the way that you would with other wood furniture, which is definitely a great thing! Additionally, you wonít have to worry about the wood getting hot and burning you when you touch it, as you would if you used metal or vinyl outdoor furniture. Just these benefits in themselves are a fantastic reason to purchase teak outdoor furniture for your home!

There are a few different sources for teak outdoor furniture. You can possibly find it at a high end furniture store, and you can also find it online. For environmental reasons, itís better to purchase teak outdoor furniture that comes from trees that are actually grown on a plantation as opposed to purchasing it where the trees may be illegally forested. Be sure to ask the company you buy from where the wood comes from, so you can minimize the environmental impact.

Best of all, enjoy your new teak outdoor furniture!