Used office furniture

Purchasing used office furniture can save your business quite a bit of money. There is no need to go out and spend big bucks on new office furniture when there is used office furniture in great condition out there. First, you must decide what you need for your office. This can be anything from file cabinets to desks, from chairs to bookshelves. You also need to think about your budget for your used office furniture. Be sure to take your list and a measuring tape once you are ready to begin shopping!

Many secondhand and consignment stores will have furniture for sale. But, you will need to check from time to time as new stuff comes in constantly. You can also check your local thrift stores, such as the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. If you speak with the staff, they may be able to tell you when new shipments arrive or check with their other stores in the area to see what they have in the way of used office furniture.

Buy a local newspaper each week to check for garage and estate sales. You can find this information listed in the classified section. You may find something that is well-constructed, but slightly damaged. Remember that it may be able to be repaired very cheaply, so keep that in consideration when shopping. If you are going to attend garage and estate sales, remember that the good stuff goes quickly, so you should arrive when the sale starts to get the best deals. While looking in the classified section, also see if there are any auctions. Auctions are a great place to buy used office furniture. You may even find an auction for a place that is going out of business.

Finally, if you live near a college or university, check with them. Schools almost always have surplus office equipment and some have yearly sales to help get rid of surplus used office equipment.