Wholesale furniture

Why pay full price for furniture when you may have access to wholesale furniture at a cheaper price? It may take a little work on your part to find a good wholesale furniture source, but in the long run, it will pay off for you.

Before you start, check with friends and coworkers to see if they have any contacts in the wholesale furniture business. Sometimes all it takes is simply letting someone know you are looking for wholesale furniture to find a good deal. One of the best places to look for wholesale furniture is outlet malls. You can find many nice pieces of furniture here at lower prices than retail stores. You can also search in the Yellow Pages under Furniture-Wholesale. You should call the store before you visit to see if they are open to the public and if so, what days and hours you may shop. Some wholesale places are only open to people with business licenses, but many allow the public in for shopping at certain times. You can join a wholesale club, such as Samís Club, for a small yearly fee. Even with the yearly fee, you still may save money in the long run on furniture purchases.

Another thing to remember is to shop around before you buy. Just because you find a wholesale shop that will let you make purchases, doesnítí mean they offer the best prices. Look around and see who has the best price or the best furniture for the price. Check out local stores that may offer furniture that is slightly damaged at wholesale prices. Many times these items can be fixed for very little and you end up with a nice piece of furniture at a low price for just a little work on your end. When you do make a purchase, use a credit card if at all possible. This will offer you the most protection as a buyer.