Best places for wicker furniture in your home

Decorating a new home or renovating an old place can be an overwhelming task even for professionals. Contemporary furniture styles are the current trend for young buyers but using wicker furniture to spice up a room or to be a focal point is a great way to add variety to special spots in your home.


When decorating and setting up bathrooms, one problem seems to always come up— space. No matter the size of your bathroom, there is always too much stuff to fit under those cabinets. So invest in some small wicker furniture especially made for storage to solve your space problems. Drawer units, small boxes and containers, hampers, floor shelves, and waste paper baskets will help you to organize without sacrificing style.

Living room

Adding wicker furniture to your living room is best if it is an accent piece. Small side tables or coffee tables are great additions because they not only add style but they can offer storage space as well. Make sure to look for stands that have drawers and shelves if you need a place to store books and other odds and ends. Also wicker lamps and mirrors can make for wonderful decorative pieces in your living room.


A bedroom is not complete without a traditional wicker trunk placed at the foot of the bed. Selecting a design which complements your other décor is a must. You should also be aware of the size you need to complement your bed type. This wicker furniture investment is a given. You can store everything from extra pillows and blankets to sweaters and other winter clothes in your trunk.


Instead of going with the popular plastic or rod iron patio sets, investing in wicker furniture for your outdoor area will add to the ambience of your backyard by creating a natural and cozy feel. To complete your outdoor set, make sure you have a loveseat and a couple other single chairs. Side tables for food and drinks will also help complete the area.

While wicker furniture is sometimes overlooked and categorized as out of date, you will find that if used in the right places, it will be a great addition to your home. Adding wicker furniture to your bathroom, bedroom, patio and outdoor area will add style and convenience.